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Demanding Change for the Sake of All

May 17, 2023
Demanding change for the sake of all

“Fantasy. Lunacy.
All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.”
David Mitchell

Ask around your friends and those who menstruate will tell you – managing menstruation outside the home is a nightmare. Canvassing those around you will scratch the surface of a topic that runs into deeply troubled waters.

Menstruator’s have long kept any complaints silent because we didn’t know any other way. The world made it clear they didn’t want to know about what happens to 26% of the population once a month – or 300,000,000 people at any one time, so we obliged.

Here at The M Scale, our core value first and foremost, is to remove period anxiety and improve the standards of bathrooms globally – to help menstruators better manage their periods outside the home.

This will not only improve things for menstruators, but actually for everyone. How often have you gone to a fantastic little bar or restaurant only to suffer through the standards of the bathroom? Or even worse, attempted to use any council-owned bathroom in any natural setting?

We may be asking for better standards, access to products and sanitary modes of managing our menstruation, but those changes will undoubtably make every one’s lived bathroom experiences that little bit better.

So, what does that change look like? We’ve created a scale of importance from bare minimum to absolute gem:

  1. Bare minimum – clean, soap, water, a way to dry hands, toilet paper
  2. Below average – the above plus: non-touch close lidded bins, privacy (no gaps),
  3. Average – the above plus: accessibility, unisex and safe bathrooms / family rooms.
  4. Getting good – the above plus: A private water source for cup users
  5. Amazing – all of the above and products available! – this is what we should be reaching for.

This is the dream – as you can imagine, a 1 star bathroom nowadays does not look anything like this.

Doesn’t this sound better?

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