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May 17, 2023
The M Scale idea

Where does an idea come from? What is creativity? Why is it that some people seem able to look into the future and see what is yet to exist, whereas others are stuck solely in the present, seeing in 2D what is already possible?

Some might say that creativity is part of the innate being – stemmed from childhood and an essence of nature itself.

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. Carl Jung

Which is a beautiful concept, but not very practical to those of us who are trying to create something for the first time.

Others might say it is a personality type – there are those who create and those who do: Type A vs Creative. This idea has been leading the narrative through countless management textbooks for the past 50 years and seems to persist.

This is equally unhelpful to those budding entrepreneurs who are told that they can either generate an idea, or they can oversee and implement that idea, but never both.[1]

From my recent experience and journey from doer to idea maker, I prefer to take inspiration from the OG

Necessity is the mother of invention – Plato

It was mother necessity from whence this budding sapling was born. A move to Italy two years ago planted the seed of need in my mind. I was not prepared for just how much public bathrooms would fail to meet my fairly low expectations. A serious lack of toilet seats, basic hygiene and privacy left me yearning for more, and rendered it pretty much impossible to manage my own menstruation when outside the house.

This coupled with my active lifestyle in underground music scene nurtures the seed into an internal statement: something really needs to change. I found myself cancelling plans and missing important events during my period because of a perceived lack of services and heightened anxiety of public embarrassment. This wasn’t just in Italy either, I realised I had behaved like this my entire life, and not thought twice about it. Years of menstrual stigmatisation had conditioned me to hide my anxiety and my cycle from others. It had caused me to just accept that I might miss out on important aspects of my life 60 days a year because that’s just the way it is.

Finally, from seedling to sprout, the necessity was confirmed during a recent trip through Australia – and in particular Rottnest Island. Once again, I found myself with concerns about facilities and no one to answer them. I spent two hours pre-departure anxious and over-preparing only to discover everything was fine and I needn’t worry. Thus, sitting on the beautiful Pinky’s Beach an idea was born….

– Annabelle Robertson (Founder)

[1] Caveat – I do believe that it takes a diverse range of strengths and characters to successfully implement a project or run a team.

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