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rottnest island & menstruation

May 23, 2023

Welcome to the inaugural travel blog for The M Scale. A large part of this project was born from the anxiety and need to clearly understand and prepare for menstruation management whilst travelling. I will do my best to update from personal experience but if you have any tips, recent trips or advice you want to share, feel free to get in contact![1]

Rottnest Island had to be our first travel review – because this was the occasion that made me think of The M Scale. Without further ado:

Getting there

We took the very from Hillary’s and the ferry service was large and comfortable. There are clean enough bathrooms to manage menstruation, but they are quite small, so be prepared for a juggling act!

Getting around

We hired biked and cycled around the island, which is a very popular idea. If the idea of cycling on your period makes your vagina cramp up, walking is also a good option, as there are some very good beaches very close to the ferry port.

The ferry port is the main town as well, so you will find restaurants and shops within walking distance.

Public bathrooms

There are good public bathrooms close to the ferry port and the top of the island (5-minute-cycle, 15-minute-walk and next to a very good swimming spot).

Further afield

If you do not have a bicycle, getting to the other side of the island – to the west, will be hard as it’s about a 15-minute bike ride. This is away from the services and I did not see a public bathroom – so be warned if you are a heavy bleeder!

Purchasing products

If you have come on unexpectedly, there is the Rottnest Island General Store in the main Settlement where you can purchase product from.


This is silly, but there was a small part of me that worried – so here is some further reading to rest assure your over-dramatic mind!

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[1] (Recently a friend told me she planned to take the contraceptive pill (for the first time) for her honeymoon to Bali because she felt so much anxiety about managing her menstruation there – so it’s a very real thing)!

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