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amsterdam & menstruation

September 5, 2023

Cycle and Sights: Navigating Public Toilets in Amsterdam While Embracing Your Period

Amsterdam, with its enchanting canals and progressive culture, lures travelers from all corners of the world. Yet, amidst the cobblestone lanes and picturesque architecture lies an issue that particularly affects menstruating individuals – the lack of public toilets in Amsterdam. So in this guide we will offer insights and strategies for embracing your trip to Amsterdam on your period.

The search for Public Toilets in Amsterdam

The lack of public toilets in Amsterdam is a concern, especially for those menstruating. Scattered throughout the city, you’ll find public restrooms in places like museums, train stations, shopping centres, and parks.Here’s the catch: while some restrooms are free, most require a small fee (ranging from 25 cents to 1 euro) for entry. And paying doesn’t always guarantee cleanliness – according to the Dutch Toilet Organisation only about 16% of public toilets pass the hygiene test. This is why menstruation apps like The M Scale – where users can share personal experiences are vital in improving restroom quality and accessibility for menstruating individuals.
Furthermore cafes and restaurants can also be restroom saviours. Most are happy to let you use their toilets if you ask but will probably have to purchase something, or pay a small fee. Even though the absence of accessible and clean restrooms can be frustrating, planning ahead before your trip to Amsterdam on your period can make a huge difference.

Proper Disposal

Responsible disposal of menstrual products is crucial for both personal convenience and city hygiene. Many public toilets in Amsterdam have designated bins for such items, usually labeled “Damesafval” (women’s waste). But it’s always good to keep a few plastic bags handy in case you ever find yourself struggling to find a bin.

Turning Taboos into Conversations

The Netherlands is taking a progressive stance on period wellbeing, with initiatives fighting period poverty. Moreover during your trip to Amsterdam, you can even spot ‘menstruation stations’ dotted all around the city where anyone in need can grab free period products. This inclusive atmosphere allows you to explore the city comfortably, regardless of your menstrual cycle.

Discover Menstruation-Friendly Stores

Amsterdam ensures you’re covered when it comes to menstrual products. Pharmacies, supermarkets, and convenience stores usually stock everything you need to manage your period. Some stores even offer eco-friendly options for environmentally conscious travellers, letting you stick to your values on the go. While the city offers various options, bringing your favourites will ensure maximum comfort during your trip to Amsterdam on your period.

Turning Period Challenges into Empowerment

Exploring Amsterdam on your period can be just as enjoyable as any other time of the month. Familiarize yourself with restroom locations, bring some cash, and pack your essentials. Embrace Amsterdam’s progressive atmosphere, and remember to prioritize self-care by staying hydrated and well-rested. Prepared with these tips, even with the lack of public toilets in Amsterdam you can confidently enjoy the city’s beauty and culture without worry.

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