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long ke wan & menstruation

September 12, 2023

Hong Kong’s Long Ke Wan Beach

No trip to Hong Kong is truly complete without a trip outdoors, and your period shouldn’t make you miss out. At M Scale, we are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to ease the anxiety that so many of us feel while travelling on you period.

Hong Kong boasts many gorgeous hikes, islands and beaches. One such location is Long Ke Wan, a remote and spectacular beach in the New Territories of Hong Kong. This beach is a little more remote and less easily accessible than some of the alternatives in the area. As we all know, remote location makes menstruation travel more challenging—so here are some top tips.

Where is Long Ke Wan Beach?

Long Ke Wan Beach is in Hong Kong’s GeoPark in the Northeast of the New Territories. It is not the most remote beach in the GeoPark, but it is also not the most accessible.

Public toilets at Long Ke Wan

Unfortunately, there are no public toilets on Long Ke Wan beach. There is a wooded area to the back of the beach where you might get some privacy.

There is a campsite on the beach and close by there are open-air toilets for campers, which are not much more than a hole in the ground.

How to get to Long Ke Wan

Most trips to Long Ke Wan will start from an established village called Sai Kung. In Sai Kung, there are public toilets, supermarkets and cosmetic stores where you can buy sanitary products and freshen up.

You can get to Long Ke Wan beach a few ways, by speedboat, bus, taxi and hiking.

By speedboat to Long Ke Wan

The speedboat ride is usually choppy and occasionally cancelled due to the weather. It departs from Sai Kung pier and drops you at the beach. You will have to wade through the water as there is no pier. The water usually only reaches to knee height, but if you plan not to get your bottoms wet, this might not be the route for you.

By bus to Long Ke Wan

The bus departs from Sai Kung village and will drop you at the High Island Reservoir near the East Dam. From here, you will need to hike to the beach. The walk takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, with no toilet stops along the way.

By taxi to Long Ke Wan

A taxi will drop you closer to the beach than the bus. It drops you at the other end of the East Dam, and from there, the walk is only  25 minutes downhill. This might seem like the easiest and most comfortable option. However, you should note you will have to go up the hill to get back, and waiting for a taxi to get back can take hours. Try to book a taxi in advance to ensure you can get back smoothly.

Hiking to Long Ke Wan

Long Ke Wan beach is also on stage 1 and 2 of the MacLehose Trail. A trail that snakes from east to west across the north of Hong Kong.

How to prepare

As is probably apparent from the how to get to Long Ke Wan section, there is no quick access or quick get away from Long Ke Wan. It’s best to start your journey from Sai Kung village where you can freshen up before heading to the beach.

Bringing hand sanitiser and tissues will be useful for the public restrooms in Sai Kung village in addition to them being used at Long Ke Wan. The public toilets in the village are free and there are a mix of squatter and western style toilets available.

For the beach, bring a shawl or towel for some privacy in the wooded areas. I’d advise taking a small a small plastic bag for your used products.

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