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period panties: an honest review

September 17, 2023
An image of four women's waists wearing different coloured underwear.

I tend to be sceptical about new life hacks, especially when it comes to the most susceptible time of the month. I can’t get on board with the menstrual cup or the reusable pads, but for the past three cycles I have been experimenting with period underwear and I bow down to whoever came up with the genius idea. I love them. Shout-out-about-them-to-everyone-I- know love them; and here’s why:

Unparalleled Comfort and Peace of Mind

Period panties are perfect for those first few days when you’re not sure when it will come or at the end of the cycle, when you think it’s gone but maybe, just maybe, it’s not and it feels like a waste to put on a pad or a tampon. These panties have made me feel at ease – not ‘ready to take on the world or do the splits in a mid-jump’ like those commercials keep claiming, but the constant anxiety around ‘is it leaking?’, ‘do I need to change my tampon?’, ‘what if there isn’t a toilet around?’ (you may want to use The M Scale in that case), is just gone.

Tailored Solutions for Every Flow and Occasion

They’re also the perfect solution for night-time. Coming in multiple shapes and sizes, for all different types of flows, my collection is by WUKA and made from sustainable BCI cotton TM and TencelTM. They can be washed in the washing machine (but not tumble dried), I don’t need to worry about disposing of them when I’m out, as the lightest styles can hold the equivalent to three tampons, and the heavier flow ones up to twelve tampons.

Discreet and Odour-Free Protection

They are comfortable and they don’t smell. It doesn’t feel like wearing a diaper even when the style is a full front and back pad, with the option of going seamless for those of us who want to wear those very skinny jeans nonetheless (I applaud you, ladies). And if you do need to change, all you need is a second pair in your bag and you can toss the used ones in a little pouch to be washed when you get home


Most of all, they are convenient

You don’t need to half-squat in a tiny public restroom that is out of toilet roll or missing a bin or to go around asking if anyone has a pad or something. You don’t need to risk a massive leak that will get you and your clothes dirty or to worry about disposing of supplies when you’re at someone else’s house. You don’t need to panic buy tampons from the closest (usually overpriced) store when your period decides to come earlier or later. I could keep this list going on for longer, as I’m yet to find a downside to these panties, but it’s better if you just try them and see for yourself.

The M Scale

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Maria Hasse

Maria works in the creative industries and loves to hop around from country to country in search of an ever-ending Summer. She's passionate about demystifying taboos and shedding light on underrated topics through different mediums.

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