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oaxaca & menstruation

November 19, 2023

Going on a 2-day Kayak tour in Oaxaca while menstruating

When visiting the state of Oaxaca, I had the chance to do a Workaway with a local guide who organised kayak tours around the beaches of Huatulco. The 2-day tour included a bivouac night at one of the most amazing wild beaches that the region has to offer.

Although Mexico is inclusive – I saw many women out there running on mountain treks, swimming or surfing – kayak and snorkelling tours are still often organised by men who manoeuvre the boats, organise the sleeping and food supplies, or build bonfires. This means that they will not be thinking about bringing menstruation supplies or organising time for the logistics around it.

However, this should not never stop you from enjoying Mexican natural wonders!

Huatulco Beaches

You will be joining the guide around 8:30 am near playa Santa Cruz. This is where the tour starts, right after safety instructions are given, along with additional tips on how to manoeuvre the kayak well. You then begin to paddle your way to the first two stops; Playa la Entrega – a little populated during the day but usually quiet in the morning – and Playa el Violin. The great advantage of this tour is that the timing is not strictly imposed, which means you can enjoy chilling and snorkelling as long as you want at your preferred beach. The next stops are Bahia del Organo and Playa Maguey where you can eat lunch, and the final destination is the paradisiac Bahia de Calacuta. Here, you are in the heart of the Parque National de Huatulco and with luck, you can enjoy the sight of turtles making their way from their nest to the ocean right before sunset, or bioluminescent planktons glowing when the night settles… From this on, relax and enjoy a delicious bonfire dinner followed by a bivouac under the stars! In the morning, it is a push back to the start point with a stop at one of your preferred beaches, or one you did not explore the day before.

Preparing yourself

Take a plastic bag for your waste. You will carry them around, unfortunately, but you can always hide them in your main bag if adding them to the collective bin is an issue. Even better if you can bring a waterproof bag to keep your supplies dry! The tour guide will often have some, but we never know how much they will be able to carry as they give priority to electronics.

If you are a cup user, make sure that you will have access to clean water at all times. You might need to bring a small bottle for cup-cleaning purposes only – they should not be cleaned in salt water, as this can damage the silicone. In both cases, having a small soap or antibacterial gel is necessary to clean your hands.

When you excuse yourself to empty your cup or change your tampons, pad or underwear, it is good to think about your direct environment. Is there a turtle nest near me? What is the chance that a snake pops out from this bush while I’m squatting?

With this in mind, you are ready to enjoy an adventure that will get you closer to nature!

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Laura Sieg

Laura is a full time traveller, writing and recording exciting stories around the world - when not climbing or surfing, you will find her holding a mic capturing sounds in natural and cultural spaces.

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