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paris & menstruation II

February 14, 2024
A 1960's illustration of lovers walking in the streets of paris for paris & menstruation II

The City of Love: we’re talking Paris & Menstruation II as promised. And what better day to talk about it than on Valentine’s Day?

After a few trips to Paris, there are a few points that I can solidly make about their toilets:

Essential Tips for Paris & Menstruation

1 – There is usually only one in any facility, it’s 90% of the time gender neutral, and très, très petite, which is just a cute way of saying it’s really tiny.

2 – Some establishments opt to make it accessible, as well. It makes sense; if they only have one, might as well make it for everybody.

3 – There is no such thing as free period products in Paris. It’s unheard of.

It is, however, one of the easiest cities to visit if you have to manage your period during your holidays. As I mentioned in my previous Paris blog, there are over 400 free public toilets spread around the city, and infinite must-try patisseries and caffes with toilets available for paying customers.

In my last trip, I felt tempted to walk around more than to visit museums or historical monuments. I spent hours looking at Christmas markets and scanning through the old magazines and books by the river until I got too cold to carry on. So, I relied mostly on caffes and restaurants for little breaks.

And on that note, let’s talk TOILETS!

An image of the stairs to the sacre cuore temple
18th arrondissement

Sweet Rawmance is a raw food-based restaurant with views over the Sacre Coeur. There are two toilets, but the one upstairs was disabled proof, with plenty of space, a bin, and a basin – very convenient, bar the one hindrance of having a broken lock (as noted on the M Scale Map) I went here on a break from climbing Montmartre and I can’t recommend this place enough – also, for Paris, it’s not expensive.

An image of a line of vintage vogue magazine covers taken at a parisian street market
1st – 4th arrondissements

On the second day, I had brunch at Café Berry, in the outdoor siting area amongst the local Parisians, their empty coffee cups and lit cigarettes. Customers were welcomed to use the (again) tiny toilet inside the shop but keep in mind there wasn’t a bin, so you might have to wrap your disposable products in toilet paper and keep it until you find one. Also, if you need to change your tampon, pad, or whatever product you use, you might have to engage in some physical effort as there’s barely enough room for the usual half-squat. 

8th arrondissement

Champs Elysée is surprisingly difficult when it comes to finding a place to sit down, or a toilet to use. It’s so overwhelmingly busy that I also had to google where to eat, which led me to Galeries Lafayette. To use the toilet, you either need to show a receipt proving that you’ve purchased something there, or you need to pay. I ended up going to Joe & The Juice for lunch and used that receipt to get in. They were airport-like toilets, separated by female/male rooms with multiple individual stalls. The basins are in a row outside, so it’s not ideal if you’re having to wash your moon cup, but there are bins inside the stalls for all other products.

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