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puglia & menstruation

March 19, 2024
an image of puglia & menstruation

The heart of Puglia

I stayed in a remote town just south of Lecce and drove to the coastline every day to experience a bit of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. The experience of the beach itself (channelling my inner Ken) wasn’t the best – I went to more than 10 beaches and it is hard to find toilets nearby. You’ll also find it is common to be lying down on your towel with someone else’s kid making sandcastles by your feet. But the sea makes it worth it. Crystal clear, deep blue water that does resemble the Caribbean…if you don’t look back at the shore.

Baia Dei Turchi

Although famous for its history – this was where the fleet of Sultan Mohammed II landed and attacked Otranto – accessing this beach requires walking for a couple of miles across a forest with no access to public toilets. So, if you are expecting a heavy flow day, it might be best to save it for another time.

Torre De Pescoluse

Starting with the clean, free to use toilet just by the main entrance, to the easy, step-free access, this is the perfect beach to manage your period. There are parking spots around and you’ll need an app to pay for it, and there is also a bar across the road if you fancy grabbing an Italian espresso. However, be aware this beach gets incredibly crowded.

Similar to this beach: Lido Marini, Torre San Giovanni, Torre Lapillo, Punta della Suina (bonus points: best sunset!), Spiaggia Libera Otranto.

An image of a sunset over the sea

Top 3 Puglia Destinations

Puglia is also abundant in remote medieval towns and cities, with gorgeous architecture, loads of history, and delicious coffee shops where I met the nicest people.
Order a cafè leccese as an excuse to use the toilet and catch some sun on a secluded terrace.

An image of an old bike leaned up against a white wall


Beautiful and small, Otranto gives off South of France vibes and it has everything you will need, from history to the sea, food, wine, and shopping. My favourite spot was L’ortale, a family-run business where I stopped for a toilet break, cafè leccese, and artisanal products. There are also about 5 ‘bagni pubblici’ (public toilets) outside the fort and you can find them on The M Scale map.


This stunning town is painted in all white to make up for its narrow streets. It’s sitting on a hill, meaning there is some climbing involved but it’s a 1000% worth it. There are 4 public toilets around the city, and you can find them on The M Scale map, or you can stop for a puccia and use the restaurant’s services.

An image of a cathedral spier


Finally, a flat town. Lecce is straight out of an old medieval film. With 5 public toilets available to use, you will be absolutely fine here. Grab a gelato at Natale, walk around the squares, and peek inside all the windows you can to see the ceilings inside the old buildings. Then sit down at Urban Cafè for some regional food and order a glass of wine because you’re in Italy, after all.

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