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mallorca & menstruation

June 12, 2024

I spent 5 days in Mallorca and found that most establishments have free toilets for paying customers. These are usually:
1. Accessible.
2. With washing basins inside
3. Very clean
4. Missing a sanitary bin
5. Unaware that free period products are a thing.

Going to Mallorca in the low season has plenty of perks, such as free parking spots, empty beaches, cheaper car rentals, accommodation, and flights. However, most restaurants and shops are closed until March, and the weather can be unpredictable. It’s a bit of a gamble, but completely worth it, especially if you’re into hiking or cycling.
These are the best places to visit any time of the year:

a landscape image of a coastal peninsular bathed in golden light and a small village

1. valldemossa & menstruation

Probably my favourite village, Valldemossa looks straight out of a Disney film, with cobblestone houses and streets, all sand-coloured, and adorned by as many plants and flowers as they could get like it’s mandatory for all residents (maybe it is). Take your sweet time strolling through the village and get as many pictures as your camera roll will allow. Stop with some coffee, or wine, and definitely for Coca de Patata at Ca’n Molinas which has been there since 1920.
The village has two extensive car parks, and you can find a free to use public toilet by the first one, behind the tourist information centre.

an image of a small convenience store with the words deià written on the sign.

2. deià & menstruation

Smaller than Valldemossa but just as charming, Deià is in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by greenery. There’s some climbing involved, which isn’t great if you’re in pain or in the early days of your period. In that case, find outdoor benches to rest, preferably in the shade. I stopped by Aromas, the loveliest restaurant with a large gender-neutral toilet. The coffee was nice and not too expensive, considering the amazing location and lack of direct competition.

3. fornalutx & menstruation

I don’t know how to pronounce this either. But, similar to the previous two, this village is in the middle of a mountain, with a centre square where you’ll find people chilling in restaurants, chatting, enjoying the local cuisine. I’m afraid this is the only place where you’ll be able to find a toilet and it’s just free to use for paying customers, so, annoyingly, you might have to order something. There are toilets separated by gender, with a normal bin and a basin inside the stall, and it’s clean.

It’s difficult to find supplies as these remote villages are hidden in the mountains, far off from supermarkets and busier towns. There is the occasional small grocery shop, but it’s predominantly for local gourmet products so, avoid relying on those.
Also, if you are cycling/hiking the Tramuntana mountains, cafes, and restaurants are the only guaranteed places with toilets. In smaller towns, there is just one establishment opened in the off-season, so plan accordingly.
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Maria Hasse

Maria works in the creative industries and loves to hop around from country to country in search of an ever-ending Summer. She's passionate about demystifying taboos and shedding light on underrated topics through different mediums.

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