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The M Scale was founded by Annabelle Robertson: a former film executive turned teacher who was fed up with the anxiety she experienced when having to manage her menstruation outside the home.

She was then joined by Simone Morieri, a developer who wanted a chance to use his coding for good, Leah Fisher, a marketing and social extraordinaire and  Apolina Saikia, a  a former HR professional who is currently pursuing her Masters’ Degree in the field of Occupational (Organisational) Psychology. 

Together with their loyal followers, reviewers and users, they are The M Scale Project

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Annabelle Robertson

After 10 years working in film and television in both her native New Zealand and London, Annabelle’s world was shaken up by the COVID pandemic and the loss of her job / visa. A move to Italy to get hitched was the catalyst Annabelle needed to look at her skills and her life and decide to do some good with them

It was actually a trip to Rottnest Island, in Australia that gave her the inspiration to create The M Scale. Fed up with the constant anxiety around managing menstruation while travelling, she decided it was time to do something about it. She created The M Scale in April 2023.

When she is not hustling to make public spaces period safe globally, she is running by the seaside, learning Italian, smothering her cat with love and travelling as much as possible.


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Simone Morieri

Simone is a web developer based in Italy. With a diverse background in hotels, operations, and customer service, he made a pivotal decision at 34 to dive into programming. Each line of code is a testament to his commitment to transformation and continuous learning.

Passionate about leveraging technology for positive change, he is eager to contribute their skills to The M Scale project on the tech front. Simone is excited to explore how innovation and passion can drive meaningful impact together.

Simone is often found courtside, losing his voice for his favorite basketball team.


Leah Fisher

Leah Isabell, a Co-Founder and Creative Director of The M Scale, brings a wealth of experience from her background in social media, collaborating with giants like Disney, YouTube, and LADbible. Beyond her creative prowess, Leah is a passionate advocate for social justice, particularly LGBTQ+ rights and representation. In her role at The M Scale, Leah seamlessly merges her digital media expertise with a commitment to inclusivity, steering the company towards projects that not only showcase creative brilliance but also contribute to meaningful societal change. Her leadership ensures that The M Scale becomes a driving force in reshaping narratives, fostering a culture of acceptance, empathy, and understanding. In her short time at  The M Scale, Leah continues to inspire, using her talents to propel the company towards a future where media not only entertains but also enlightens and empowers.


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