Accessibility is a crucial component in creating a safe space for all. The bathroom is where we are most vulnerable and as a public space provider, it is your job to ensure that every customer, user, client, employee or student feels they can use your space to the best of their abilities. We are aware that not all of these suggestions are possible due to infrastructure, but if you do everything you can, you’ll be sure to increase repeat business and score highly on The M Scale.

Further reading on the topic

Hello Period!

Specialising in disabilities and menstruation management, the team at Hello Period are a fountain of knowledge and advice.

Nowhere to Go

A team of researchers at Newcastle University have developed an incredible 20 point guide to help make your bathroom more accessible.

UN Enable

For the technical details in making an accessible bathroom you can use the UN enable guide. It has a detailed breakdown on use of space and measurements.

More reading

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of offering a gender neutral accessible bathroom,  Casey Atkins has summarised it very nicely on 

m scale accreditation

If you want users to review your establishment, you can download our amazing QR code poster today! 

Step 1: download the poster 

Step 2: print and hang poster in bathroom

Step 3: we will let you know as your reviews come in and send you accredidation