join the waitlist for our period product dispensers!

we are currently piloting our new offering to the UK hospitality market at a below market cost. if you are interested, join our waitlist and we will be sure to reach out later this year with the details.

A period product dispenser with an orange M on it and a blue band

how is your bathroom?

Take our interactive quiz to find out how your bathroom would rank

how can you improve your rating?

small things you can do right now:

An icon of cleaning supplies.

Keep it Clean!

Have staff regularly check and clean the bathroom.

Icons of toilet paper and soap

Keep supplies up

Don’t let your supplies run out! Make sure you’re well stocked up.

An icon of a door hook

Install a hook

It will take 5 minutes but your patrons will be very happy to have somewhere for their bag and coat!

An icon of a foot pedal bin

Closed lid, non-touch bins

80% of women have carried used period products in their bag due to a lack of bin – you can help stop that! Be sure to put a bin in the men’s as well. There’s no harm and it helps immensely. 

m scale accreditation

If you want users to review your establishment, you can download our amazing QR code poster today! 

Step 1: download the poster 

Step 2: print and hang poster in bathroom

Step 3: we will let you know as your reviews come in and send you accreditation.