Menstruation Travel Guide

Our incredible collection of world-wide bloggers have been working hard to bring you all the best information when it comes to menstruating and travel!

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airports & menstruation

Navigating the Airport with Confidence on Your Period with tips on planning, packing, and using airport facilities. Learn about family restrooms, menstrual cups, and contribute to positive changes with The M Scale app. Travel with ease, prioritizing self-care for a comfortable journey!

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Eco-friendly travel & menstruation

eco-friendly travel & menstruation

The excitement of travel can sometimes be accompanied by the concern of managing your period while still being environmentally conscious. The good news is that sustainable period products are making it easier than ever to have an eco-friendly period while traveling, helping to reduce waste and lessen our environmental impact.

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crises & menstruation

CEO note: We commissioned the below blog 2 months ago, when one of our writer’s suggested she highlight the difficulties of managing menstruation in an earthquake crisis zone from her own relief-work experience. In light of recent events in Gaza, we wish to use this blog to highlight the struggles

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rome & menstruation

Heading to Rome? Worried about managing your period? Don’t worry. The M Scale is here to help alleviate all of your worries and anxieties.

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an image of puglia & menstruation

puglia & menstruation

Heading to the beautiful south of Italy but worried about your period? Maria has shared her journey and everything you need to know about puglia & menstruation

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A 1960's illustration of lovers walking in the streets of paris for paris & menstruation II

paris & menstruation II

The City of Love: we’re talking Paris & Menstruation II as promised. And what better day to talk about it than on Valentine’s Day?

After a few trips to Paris, there are a few points that I can solidly make about their toilets:

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paris & menstruation

Heading to the most romantic city in world but worried about menstruation & Paris? Don’t be! We have all the insider knowledge to ensure you enjoy your trip even while on your period.

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a 1960's illustration of ref houses on a green landmass at the water's edge

norway & menstruation

Are you curious about Norway & Menstruation? Our resident writer Freya breaks down everything there is to know about the history and culture of menstruation and her top tips for managing your period on your travels.

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A 1960's landscape illustration of a green jungle and a river.

vietnam & menstruation

Train travel is a great way to see Vietnam, and our resident writer has broken down all you need to know when it comes to travel Vietnam & menstruation management.

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thailand & menstruation

Tips for having your period while travelling in Thailand. A real account of how to manage menstruation on Koh Tao island & more.

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long ke wan & menstruation

Planning a trip to Long Ke Wan? Don’t let your period stop you exploring the great outdoors. At M Scale, we are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to ease the anxiety that so many of us feel while travelling on you period.

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kathmandu & menstruation

Heading to the capital of Nepal? Worried about managing your period while there? We have all the tips for managing menstruation & Kathmandu for you at The M Scale.

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japan & menstruation

Is Japan a dream place to travel to when menstruating? We have all our tips and tricks to put your mind at easy when travelling with your period to Japan.

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a 1960's illustration of hindi temples in india

india & menstruation

India is a place where periods remain a real taboo. The deeply complex issues surrounding periods mean that menstruating people constantly need to navigate between gatekeeping old belief systems that are part of the cultural fabric of India and working toward building a stigma-free society

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united kingdom

london & menstruation

Travelling to London and plan to hit up the spectacular Southbank? London Eye? The Tate Modern? The National Theatre. Don’t let your period be a problem, because we’ve compiled a list of all the free bathrooms for your visit.

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edinburgh & menstruation

Menstruation Tips for Your Edinburgh Trip: Public Toilets, Free Period Products & More. Make the most of your visit without limitations. Discover how to navigate Edinburgh on your period seamlessly.

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south america

oaxaca & menstruation

Enjoying an adventurous excursion in Oaxaca shouldn’t be ruined by your period. Laura went on a 2 day kayak expedition and has compiled all of her tips for managing your menstruation in the wilderness.

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guatemala & menstruation

Nothing like the splendid views of the active volcano ‘De Fuego’ to remind us that beneath our feet lies a fascinating geological process that has the power to alter landscapes. But climbing the 3962 can be painful affair for the menstruating climber if not well prepared!

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colombia & menstruation

Bus is by far the most popular way to travel Colombia, but it can be a bit of a pain when menstruating. Our resident writer Laura has broken down her experiences and everything you need to know about colombia & menstruation.

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